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STEEMA SOFTWARE PVT. LTD. is one of the esteemed Company in India, known for Professional Courses which include Practical Manual Financial Business Accounting, Income tax, GST (Goods & Service Tax), Banking, HR Payroll Management, E-commerce, company law, Advanced Excel MIS, English speaking and Personality Development.
Today, most people are finding their job in the accountancy department due to its high scope and better job security. Soon after graduation in commerce, students who have some knowledge of accounts and business tend to find a relevant job in the accountancy. However, it is certainly not an easy task to acquitted by any company for such job title. They are required to gain a deep understanding of accounting standers, tax applicability and usages, returns and filling, etc. to clear interviews. By joining business Accounts and Taxation Certification Course, you will be able to get an accounting and taxation job easily.
        Since Financial Accounting is the backbone of every business, knowledge of "Computer Accounting" has become compulsory for those who are looking for a job in this field and can have a bright future. STEEMA SOFTWARE has developed the Accounting course fresher as well as experienced Accountants need to understand and improve skills by learning various Software. Nowadays many companies are coming up with solutions. Application of various software has increased the job prospects.
        With the fast-changing business scenario, experts in Taxation, Payroll Accounting, Excise, VAT and Service Tax are in high demand. The Accounting with Tally ERP9 training course is all you need to grow your employment opportunities. The Course uses a feature-based approach to introduce students to Accounting on Computers. This step-by-step guide you to handle Accounting, Inventory, Statutory and other specific business roles in different types of businesses.
        So wait for no further and join our course as soon as possible. Take our demo class and visit our training center. You can also ask any particular query you have along with finding out the topics covered in details.


Why Learn Accounting

Since many accountants are using various software which combines the features of E-Accounting Taxation, Payroll and banking together to enhance its value as well the value of its operator. Computer Accounting is a new form of maintenance of traditional accounts with the help of accounts software it helps to automate the day to day tasks with great accuracy and instant reports are generated. It also helps to file various statutory returns like TDS return, ITR, GST, and PF This Course is in great demand nowadays.

The eligibility criteria for joining the business accounts and taxation training course is graduates, however, any working professional or candidates pursuing their graduation in commerce can also join and benefit greatly from this training course. The course can easily be completed within a short duration and soon after that, learner’s will get placement support as an Accounts Executive, Accounts Manager, Sr. Accountant, etc. Other major benefits include real-time training from industry experts Charters Accountant, clients projects and assignments.
         A Specialized course for the skills development in the vibrant field of Accounts | Finance | Banking | Taxation. The biggest tax reform in India - Goods and Services Tax (GST) is finally implemented. It's extremely important for all personnel related to accounts and taxation to gain full knowledge of the entire process of GST, the concept and theory must be very much clear along with the practical return filing and refund process of GST. We at STEEMA SOFTWARE had done thorough research and hence developed the precise practical course on GST as per the current market requirement.

Students Will Learn
  • Creating A Company,Company Configuration
  • Setting up a New Company,Creating Ledgers
  • Sub Ledger/Creating Groups/Account Heads
  • Voucher Entry/Payment/Receipt Voucher
  • Contra Entry/Purchase/ Sales Register
  • Funds Flow, Cash Flow,Creating Cost Centres
  • Cost & Ratio Analysis,Creating Trial Balance
  • Viewing Statement of Accounts
  • Profit & Loss Account,Balance Sheet
  • Bank Reconciliation,Interest Calculation
  • Printing of Accounts,Bank & Cash Books
  • Display of Accounts,Company Configuration
  • Company Controls, TDS, GST Calculations
  • GST – Goods and Services Tax
  • Accounting of GST in Tally
  • CGST – Central GST
  • SGST – State GST
  • IGST – Integrated GST
Course Description

Tally powers 95% of businesses in India. With Bharat Goenka – son of the Late Founder-at-the-helm, Tally Solutions remains firmly committed to Indian business. A pioneering company, Tally was the first to introduce codeless software, a natural language interface, concurrent multilingual capabilities, and path-breaking remote functionality. In terms of services, this technology giant was the first to launch free service, while dramatic breakaway commercial terms including free upgrades and no charge per seat transformed the ownership experience. Its strong principle right from the early years to reach customers through a dedicated partner network has resulted in a robust partner system.

Over two decades of technological innovation and relentless perfection cannot but show. Tally products are transforming businesses across the industry in over 94 countries. More than 2 million business users are a testament to its product philosophy defined by the ‘Power of Simplicity’.
      After Tally, businesses in India were never the same. With Tally, their future looks strong. At Tally, the revolution is very much on.

Accounting & Financial Management

  • Complete Book keeping
  • F A Reports
  • Comprehensive Accounting
  • Income & Expenditure
  • Credit Management
  • Fund Flow & Cash Flow
  • Receivable & Payable
  • Ratio Analysis
  • Payment of Debtors
  • Orders, Invoice, Voucher
  • Cheque Printing
  • Interest Calculation
  • Multi-column Reporting
  • Flexible Classify A/C
  • Percentage Based Report
  • Drill Down Display
  • Scenario Management
  • Date Based Reporting
  • Budgets & Controls
  • Multi-Currency
  • Cost Centres
  • Unified Ledgers
  • Voucher Types
  • Flexible Financial Periods
  • Depreciation Entry
  • Memo Vouchers
  • Multiple Companies
  • Post-dated Vouchers
  • Reversing & Optional Vouchers

Inventory Management

  • Point-of-Sales Biling
  • Bill of Materials
  • Manufacturing Journals
  • Category of Stock
  • Physical Stock
  • Batch Support
  • Multi-location stock
  • Flexible Units of Measure
  • Recording Stock Movement
  • Alternate/Compound Unit
  • Order Status Reports
  • Item wise & Invoice
  • Stock Ageing
  • Discounts & Price Lists
  • Reorder Levels
  • Multiple Godowns
  • Multiple Stock Valuation

Statutory Capabilities

  • Excise for Manufacturer/Dealer
  • Service Tax
  • Value Added Tax (VAT)
  • Tax Deducted at Source(TDS)
  • Central Sales Tax (CST)
  • Tax Collected at Source (TCS)

Basics of Object-Oriented programing in PHP

  • Introduction to Payroll
  • Payroll function inTally
  • Enable & configure Payroll
  • Generation of reports
  • Payslip, Paysheet
  • Payroll Register
  • Gratuity report
  • Expart reports
  • Configuring Printing Report
  • Group Summary
  • Attendance Register
  • Payroll practice Exercises

Other Business Capabilities

  • Job Costing
  • Multilingual Languages
  • Advanced MIS
  • Security Control

Tally.NET Capabilities

  • Trutsted Remote Access
  • Support CentrevControl Centre
  • Excise for Manufacturer
  • TDS Enhanced
  • Enhanced Payroll Compliments
  • Job & Recruitments

Technical Capabilites

  • Data Synchronisation
  • Import & Export data in XML
  • ODBC Compliants žExport to Excel
  • E-mail Support
  • Fully Customisable & Extendable

Advance Tally

  • Alteration of a company
  • Introduction to manufacturing organization
  • Inventory
  • Costing
  • Inventory reports
  • Fiscal environment of manufacturing organization
  • Purchase, sales & manufacturing
  • Overview tally features
  • Report generation
  • Tax collected at source (TCS)
  • Fringe benefit tax
  • Excise dealer
  • Payroll



  • Electronic Spreadsheet Concept
  • Formatting Fonts, Numbers
  • Relative & Absolute Reference
  • Date & Currency Formatting
  • Formula charts & Graphs
  • 2D/3D Graphs, Pie, Line Cone
  • Formatting Charts, Data Values

Advance Excel

  • Sub Total Reports, Auto Filter
  • Password Protecting Worksheets
  • Linking Multiple Sheets
  • Sheet Referencing
  • Linking Between Word/Excel/Ppt
  • Functions:- LOOKUP, VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP, COUNTIF, SUMIF. What-if-analysis
  • Pivot Tables, NESTED IF
  • Reporting
  • Character Functions
  • Date Functions
  • Age Calculations
  • Consolidation of Data
  • Data Validation
  • MACROS (Intro)
  • Introduction to VBA Prog
Certification Pattern
Certification Type     Fee (INR)     Fee (USD) Max. Duration Batch Type
TALLY OPERATOR 7,550 Rs. 200 USD 5 Weeks Daily Batches
TALLY PRO 11,550 Rs. 300 USD 02 Months Daily Batches
ADVANCE EXCEL 5,550 Rs. 500 USD 6 Weeks Daily Batches
Accountant Professional(All 3 Modules) 15,000 Rs. 500 USD 04 Months Daily Batches




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