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Attendance System 1 Attendance System 2

Steema Institute Management System streamlines and integrate the operation processes and information flow in the Institute to synchronize the resources namely Students, employee, material, money and books through information. This ERP facilitates Institute-wide Integrated Information System Covering all functional areas like Student Enquiry, Student Admission, Search Student, Re-Admission of the Student, Fee Collection, Generate of Student Id card, Student Attendance & Leave, Employee Attendance & Leave, Maintain the Inventory of Book, Suppliers and Publishers, Question Paper Creation, Employee Salary Creation, Daily Expenses, EOD, Maintain the Library Record for Student & Employee like Book Issue, Book Return, Search Book and Its generate the Defaulter List, Time Table Creation for Teachers, Security like Create User with Password, Change Password and Menu Permission. EIMS eliminates the most of the business problems like Material shortages, Student Feedback enhancements, Employee service, Cash Management, Inventory problems, Quality problems, Books delivery etc.

Benefits of an Institute Management Software.

  • Student inquiry management
  • Student Admissions and Registration
  • Efficiently Manage information of students
  • Records students fee receipts
  • Track student outstanding fees
  • Easily communicate with students, parents, and staff
  • Analyze the performance of students
  • Manage and Trace student attendance
  • And much moreā€¦