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Have you ever desired to create a full-fledged website or web application, beyond just a simple HTML page? Node.js, with its strong features and ability to write server-as well as client-side code with JavaScript, has become a popular choice among developers to build powerful web applications. In this course, you will learn how to set up a web server, interact with a database and much more!
           This course is ideal for every frontend developer who is looking to learn server-side development using Node.js and want to create scalable and responsive web apps with it. It will impart the basics of Node.js and its core modules. You will then learn how to import additional modules and configure your project using NPM. From there, you will learn how to use Express to set up a web server and how to interact with a MongoDB database using Mongoose. By the end of the course, you will create several real-world projects such as a web scraper, a blogging API, and a database migration script.

Course Content

  • What is Node.js
  • Installing Node.js



Bootstrap is a free front-end framework for faster and easier web development. Bootstrap includes HTML and CSS based design templates for typography, forms, buttons, tables, navigation, modals, image carousels and many other, as well as optional JavaScript plugins Bootstrap also gives you the ability to easily create responsive designs.
            We provide quality of online training and corporate training courses by the real-time facility and well-trained software specialists. Our Bootstrap training is regarded as the best training in India by students who attended Bootstrap training with us. We provide Bootstrap online training in Kolkata, Katihar, Purnea, Patna, Bhagalpur, etc...

Course Content

  • File structure
  • Basic Examples
  • What are Glyphicons?
  • Where to find Glyphicons?



Our SEO course will be a 360-degree learning module where you will get in-depth knowledge of SEO concepts such as keyword management and research, on-page and off-page optimization, website management, link building, URL management, planning and marketing a website, and a full round of coverage of analytics.
           SEO is one of the most powerful digital marketing techniques that enhances your website’s visibility on the search engines and makes it appear on top pages of Google so that people can easily find your website when they type in the relevant and targeted keyword. SEO helps increase traffic to your website by making it appear in the organic search results of search engines. Higher the website ranks on search engine pages, better are the chances that it will be visited by the online population.
           Interesting facts: Companies that use a blog have 43% more indexed pages, hence they get far more leads as compared to those that do not have a blog.

Course Content